Our values in action

Our everyday actions and many rewarding encounters help make our organizations known and enrich the lives of those who participate. I would like to take this opportunity to outline some of the commitments of which we are particularly proud.

Social involvement is not only individual. It can also be collective. Thanks to our organization, Les Producteurs de lait du Québec, we take actions that can improve our world. We care about Québec families and promoting healthy lifestyles. Every year, we invest to make cultural, sports and recreational activities more accessible. For example, our school milk program made it possible to distribute nearly 12 million small cartons of milk to 600 Québec elementary schools in 2019. For over 30 years, we have also been a major partner in Vélo Québec’s activities, and we currently participate in a wide range of regional sporting events, including foot races and hockey and ringuette tournaments. On the cultural front, some of the activities we support include Montréal en lumière, Festival d’été de Québec, Festival western de Saint-Tite, the Montréal International Jazz Festival, Théâtre Jean-Duceppe and the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal. In addition, thanks to our prestige cheese tastings, we participate in major charity fundraising events throughout Québec.

During the Holiday Season, our organization supports Québec food banks by donating milk for Christmas baskets distributed to people in vulnerable situations. This is in addition to our donation program, which allows us to supply food banks in every region of Québec year-round with milk, butter, or cheese and to support innovative initiatives like La Tablée des Chefs. These donations are possible through a unique partnership that unites all stakeholders in the dairy sector, from farmers to transporters to processors. Our support for our communities also leads us to make special donations in cash, milk, or dairy products on special occasions, or during natural disasters or major crises. During the later months of the COVID-19 crisis, we made record special donations of more than 4 million litres of milk, in collaboration with our partners. This act of solidarity, a core value of our marketing, is also a political, economic, and social gesture that contributes to the sustainability of our organization, our dairy farms and the relationships with our partners and our community.

I would also like to commend individually all the farmers who get involved and who contribute to stimulate our regions and keep them dynamic. It is a source of pride to see your commitment by giving your time or money to committees, sports clubs, community organizations or political organizations. Your commitment to democratic and community life allows progress on local issues, while giving a voice to the farmers involved at various decision-making levels. We know that dairy farmers are big-hearted people who, despite long hours on the farm, often volunteer to lend a hand to a neighbour, share experiences with other farmers or even answer questions from young farmers. This solidarity is an essential force in occupying the land in every region of Quebec.

I would also like to mention the efforts of all the farmers who give their time to promote our profession to the public in various ways. Some do this by welcoming the media to their farms to explain our issues. Before the current COVID crisis, others volunteered to explain their work in schools or at public events. Recently, we turned to the production and distribution of videos and to social media. All these means bring us closer to our consumers and remind them that there are big-hearted people who work hard every day to produce nutritious quality food. This is all to your credit and I thank you for your efforts.


We have the opportunity to help ensure that Québec families have enough to eat and are very proud to contribute to make the world a better place.



This year in particular, which is ending in a context of crisis and food insecurity for many Quebecers, we have proven more than ever that it is important to make a social commitment to our community. Our organization, as a good citizen, gives back to the community, but we also have the opportunity to do this as entrepreneurs. December is often solicitation period when we can show generosity and kindness to the most disadvantaged. It is also during this period that farmers have the possibility to provide for the coming year’s contribution to the Milk and Dairy Product Donation Program. This Program offers a continuous supply of milk and dairy products to vulnerable people on a planned annual basis. Every year, many respond generously to this appeal by Les Producteurs de lait du Québec and their partners. We have the opportunity to help ensure that Québec families have enough to eat and are very proud to contribute to make the world a better place.

It gives me great pleasure to wish you and your loved ones Happy Holidays and a joyous, serene, and healthy 2021!






Daniel Gobeil, president

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