Each individual producer can be an ambassador

As you will see in this issue, we have succeeded in retaining the support of the general population and their endorsement of supply management. Quebec and Canadian dairy products were trusted by 97% of the respondents to a Léger Marketing survey conducted in November 2019. The numbers are positive and speak for themselves. But as entrepreneurs, we must never take anything for granted.

As in the past, we will face challenges in the future. With each generation of consumers, we must make every effort to provide relevant information and rally them to our side. We must always be listening and remain aware of trends and expectations. Food choices change at the same pace as the values of society. This reality has been researched and proven, including via the survey fi ndings published in this issue. The younger generations are particularly concerned about environmental and animal welfare issues. We must deliver satisfactory responses to these concerns. Consumers want quality products produced in harmony with nature and animal welfare. They want to know the origin of the products they buy and how they are produced.

It is important to be transparent and to communicate our best practices regarding quality, health, animal welfare, traceability and the environment. With our proAction program, we have taken specifi c measures on our farms to respond to consumer concerns.

However, in addition to these collective efforts, it is important to always keep in mind that each individual producer can be an ambassador. Every action and gesture that positions and promotes our product, our profession and our agricultural model can positively impact public perception and benefi t all producers. We must continue to be active in all environments, never give in, and reach out to people, including on social media.

As we know, the younger generations are more exposed to, and active on, the Web and social media platforms. These environments are thus a way to establish direct links with the general population, but unfortunately, they are also a source of disinformation. The content of these sites originates from all over the world, including from places where standards and practices are well below the ones we have in place. Therefore, it is especially important for us to be active on these sites. Producers who succeed in piercing the wall of indifference and take the time to strengthen relationships between consumers and farmers on multiple platforms have a significant positive impact on consumers. These are important actions to take and have a good deal of impact in the virtual world. They are an immense source of pride




Every action and gesture that positions and promotes our product, our profession and our agricultural model can positively impact public perception and benefit all producers.



Milk producer delegates from every region of Quebec met in November to assess and discuss societal issues that affect milk production. During this two-day event they were asked to discuss, share ideas and propose ways and methods to maintain consumer support. The work will continue at the grass roots level during the board of director (sectoral) tours and regional meetings. These will be ideal opportunities to express your views, propose new solutions, show your engagement and propose inspirational ideas for both individual and collective actions.

As a new year begins, we have every reason to be proud of our achievements and to be confi dent in the future of our industry. Thanks to our individual and collective actions, we succeeded in obtaining and retaining the support of our consumers on many occasions. We must continue these efforts. We must never forget that we, the milk producers, are the best ambassadors of milk production and supply management.

Bruno Letendre

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