A mobile app that finds local products!

The Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA) has launched a new app called Mangeons local plus que jamais! (Let’s Eat Local More Than Ever!). Presented by Desjardins, this tool finds Quebec farms, markets and processors that sell directly to the public. Users can activate the geolocation feature on their cell phones to easily locate points of sale and create personalized car or bike routes to their chosen food destinations. A blog section provides agri-food sector information, recipes, and food processing and conservation tips. Lastly, an online store offers items with the movement’s logo.


The app is a very fitting product by the movement of the same name, which was launched in April at the peak of the health crisis. At that time, the UPA had transferred the contact information of 1,000 producers to the Le Panier Bleu platform and released 50 video testimonials on social media, inviting consumers to visit Quebec farms.


The app is available on Google Play and the App Store. A Web version will soon be available at mangeonslocal.upa.qc.ca and include a contest offering $50 gift certificates to points of sale identified by the app.