2022 milk donations – 49,500 litres of milk for Christmas baskets, for a total of nearly 1 million litres

As the holiday period approaches, Les Producteurs de lait du Québec (PLQ) is donating 46,500 litres of milk to nearly 115 organizations across Quebec in an effort to help fill Christmas baskets. Food aid is always in high demand at this time of year, but it has been in especially high demand since the pandemic. Since 2021, the demand for food aid has jumped 20%.


To meet this high demand, milk producers support Food Banks of Quebec (BAQ) during the busier periods, but also throughout the year through the Quebec dairy industry’s milk and dairy product donation program. This program is made possible thanks to a unique partnership between all the industry’s actors: producers, processors and transporters. In 2022, this program delivered 780,000 litres of milk over the entire year.


Since the donation program was created in 2003, producers, transporters and processors in the dairy sector have joined forces to give over 13 million litres of milk, in the form of various dairy products, to people in need. “Les Producteurs de lait du Québec is proud to provide Food Banks of Quebec with quality food for people in need across Quebec. Through our joint efforts, we are helping to eliminate hunger and ensure food security for Quebecers on an ongoing basis,” stated Daniel Gobeil, Chair of Les Producteurs de lait du Québec.


“Quebec’s network of food banks is currently under incredible pressure due to the record-breaking number of citizens who require food aid to ease their hunger. The organizations are quite concerned about whether they will have enough supplies. Given the situation, milk producers’ support, which is unique in its scale, quality and predictability, truly offers some comfort in these difficult times. We thank everyone who has made this program a success for nearly 20 years from the bottom of our hearts,” added Martin Munger, Executive Director of Food Banks of Quebec.


During the year, the PLQ also made special donations of dairy products to meet specific needs in our communities. In collaboration with certain processors, 168,000 litres of milk was donated during the year, which brings the total amount donated to nearly 1 million litres of milk in 2022.


In addition to these efforts, the PLQ is providing a total of $50,000 in financial support over 5 years to Food Banks of Quebec’s food recovery in supermarkets (PRS) program. This program is designed to reduce food insecurity and waste by rescuing unsold food at supermarkets and bringing it to people who suffer from food insecurity.


“Over 670,000 people in Quebec are grappling with food insecurity, and this number has risen since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. It is more important than ever for us to lend a helping hand and show solidarity in our communities. Improving our collective conditions is an important source of motivation for our producers. Responsibility, equity and solidarity are the basic values of our collective marketing system and our members’ desire to do their part to help others,” explained Mr. Gobeil. Food and monetary donations help feed thousands of Quebecers every day. Every dollar donated makes it possible to produce and distribute the equivalent of $16 in food or three meals to families in need. To make a donation, go to https://banquesalimentaires.org/en/make-a-donation/.





Les Producteurs de lait du Québec gave 49,500 litres of milk to over 113 organizations in Quebec, including:

12,000 litres of milk to Sun Youth for the Montreal region;



Total 2022 : 781,500 litres

Total since 2003: 13 million litres of milk


TOTAL MILK DONATIONS IN 2022: 999,100 litres of milk



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