I invite you to read the manifesto, if you have not already done so, on the website of the Union des producteurs agricoles. Since our confederation turns 100 in 2024, reflecting 100 years of hard work and demands by our predecessors, the (...)
The national position that was taken on the price of milk reflects a desire to keep the balance: the balance between the necessity of covering our production costs, which face pressure from higher interest rates, and our desire to keep milk an (...)
At our Annual General Meeting in April, we adopted a resolution to create a sustainable development plan. This plan is the result of many years of work, including a complete analysis of our starting situation in 2022. Our sustainable development (...)
Throughout the 40 years of the organization’s existence, producers have been confronted with a number of challenges, and thanks to the unity of all Quebec producers and the 10 provinces, we have been able to implement promising solutions for the (...)
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Les Producteurs de lait du Québec

Les Producteurs de lait du Québec (PLQ) represents the 10,040 milk producers of some 4,498 dairy farms across the province.

The organization’s mission is to bring together Quebec milk producers by providing leadership in marketing high-quality milk that meets society’s expectations, and to ensure the sustainable development of dairy farms. Our vision is the following: By forging progress in a solid supply management and collective marketing system, by 2030, we will have producers in every region whose profession is recognized and who operate profitable businesses within a dynamic, innovative and sustainable sector.

Les Producteurs de lait du Québec are affiliated with the Union des producteurs agricoles.