The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) renegotiation has been in progress since August 16, 2017. It is public knowledge that the U.S. dairy industry wants more access to the Canadian dairy market so that it can dump its surpluses into it.


Canada must preserve supply management

On August 14, 2017, Minister Chrystia Freeland explained Canada’s objectives in the renegotiation of the agreement. This is the 6th objective she stated:

Canada will uphold and preserve the elements in NAFTA that Canadians[1] deem key to our national interest – including […] the exception in the agreement to preserve Canadian culture; and Canada’s system of supply management.

We are grateful to the Canadian government for this position and we will support it in its efforts to achieve this objective.

[1] Two independent surveys published in May for Abacus Data and Campaign Research confirm that 77% and 75% of Canadians, respectively, support this policy.


We ask that in the NAFTA renegociation:

  • The exception to preserve supply management is fully upheld
  • No increase in Tariff Rate Quotas and no decrease in over-quota tariffs are granted