TPP – PLQ very disappointed that Canada has not restored balance to 2015 concessions

“Les Producteurs de lait du Québec is extremely disappointed by Canada’s intention to sign the TPP 11, without even restoring balance to the concessions that were made in supply-managed markets. The TPP 11 should have at least taken the withdrawal of the United States from the initial agreement into consideration and readjusted the market concessions downward, since the United States alone accounted for over 60% of the GDP of the Trans-Pacific Partnership with 12 parties (TPP 12),” stated Bruno Letendre, Chair of Les Producteurs de lait du Québec. The Chair was reacting to the announcement that an agreement in principle had been concluded that maintained the market access commitments included in the original TPP of 2015.


“However, during the election campaign for the recent partial election in Quebec, Prime Minister Trudeau agreed to review the concessions in the TPP without the United States and preserve supply management,” added Mr. Letendre. The concessions, which grant access to Canada’s dairy market, could cause Canada to lose over 3% of its total milk production and result in nearly $250 million in lost revenue annually for Canadian milk producers.


“We understand Canada’s interest in signing trade agreements, but we expect it to do so without causing negative impacts in our sector. Milk producers were used as a bargaining chip in the agreement with Europe and are once again being used in this way in the TPP 11. No further market concessions should be made in NAFTA. This is also the firm position currently defended by the Trudeau government, which we recognize and appreciate greatly,” said Bruno Letendre.


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