Recognizing Canadian dairy products

The country of origin must absolutely be named on the packaging of all imported dairy products (like cheese, yogurt, dairy beverages and flavoured milk). That way, consumers can choose not to buy these products if they so desire.


With the exception of imported products, which can be identified by their labels, all dairy products sold in Canadian grocery stores are produced from Canadian milk.


Currently, all regular white milk (skim, 1%, 2%, 3.25%) sold in Canada is made entirely of milk produced on Canadian farms, regardless of the brand.


Certain Canadian dairy products, including cheese, yogurt, flavoured milk, dairy beverages and ice cream, mention other dairy ingredients on their labels in addition to Canadian milk. These ingredients are designated as “milk ingredients,” “modified milk ingredients” or “milk protein concentrates” and are generally Canadian in origin, but may also be imported. The best way to be sure of their origin is to contact the manufacturer directly.


The “100% Canadian milk” and “Dairy Farmers of Canada” logos, which show a cow with a maple leaf on it, were designed to assure consumers who want to buy 100% Canadian products, in which the milk and all milk ingredients are 100% Canadian. Canadian processors are not required to use these logos.